Value-added Income 2: VNC’s Increasing Profit

It is good financial management to hold VNC. From 2019, VNC started to gain admiration from a small portion of investors.

Til the end of 2020, 1 VNC≈0.16 USDT; at the beginning of 2021, 1 VNC≈0.21 USDT. It is estimated that in 2022, 1 VNC≈$1.00 USDT.

Value-added Income 3: Listed Initial Shares

In 2023, VNSMART will have completed more than twice issuance of shares for the listed companies in Vietnam. Users who hold VNC will get a bonus for listed initial shares.

It is estimated that in 2022, 1 VNC≈$1.00 USDT

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VNSMART creates a block reward system for securities trading, gathers outstanding mobile suppliers, and creates a trading ecosystem.

VNSMART believes that users’ transactions can be more private, without borders, and all transactions can be rewarded

VNC is based on a token in the VNSMART block ecology. Users can obtain it through trading and sharing, and by purchasing cloud mining machines. Its own value is based on the user’s transaction commission and interest as the bottom layer. You can cash out directly through the VNSMART trading market, or you can withdraw cash to your own Ethereum wallet through the wallet address.

Due to the rapid increase in transaction volume and users, VNC will be the most valuable token for investment in 2021

VNSMART provides users with 25-50 times financing day trading through cloud mining machines and investment funds, In principle, users will only lose 70% of the margin for a single transaction, but the profit is unlimited

1. Get high returns through trading leverage, and you may also lose your money

2. With the help of cloud mining machines, you can get 15% monthly interest and commission rewards for the generated VNC

3. Set up a panning team to share VNSMART

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The VNSMART brand is owned by INTELLIGENCE INVESTMENFINANCIAL SERVICES PLC. All investments involve risks. The CFDS and leveraged trading of stocks will increase risks. The historical data of any securities or financial product cannot guarantee its future performance and returns. Although investment diversification can help diversify risks, it cannot ensure you gain or prevent your losses when the market is down. There will always be potential losses in investing in securities or financial products. Investors need to consider their own investment objectives and risk tolerance before investing. VNC is that VNSMART determines its value based on user transaction contribution value. Please read the relevant risk disclosure statement and VNC’s white paper on our website.

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