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To provide you with differentiated trading strategy signals.
Who we are?
The VNSmart team maintains advanced technological innovtion in the field of Internet finance,The team members are all from Robin Hood and BAO.
VNSmart was established in the UK, complies with the UK Business Administration regulations and is legally regulated by the local goverment. In addition, we have obtained a financial license in the AsiaPacific region Singapore. We comply with international antimoney laundering laws and protect our clients' fundsSecurity.
VNSMART aspires to become the world's first platform that provides retail investors with the most convenient and borderless securities trading, easy access to cryptocurrency rewards, and entry into the financial market.
Securities trading has proved to be the most rewarding. With the tremendous advancement of technology, market competitiveness has increased sharply, and it is difficult for retail investors to participate in securities trading and obtain consistent returns. For the same reason, we created the VNSMART trading platform, which is the world's first securities platform dedicated to decentralization, providing global investors with the most convenient and borderless securities financial trading market.
We grow with our users by providing the following benefits

1\ Commission-free trading.

2 \ Receive up to 40% deposit bonus and an additional 100000$ cash bonus.

3 \ Receive cryptocurrency rewards after each transaction (this is the most unique and exclusive benefit provided to users among all trading platforms in the world),The profit is as high as 25-50 times.

VNSMART trading

Make trading simple, direct, and efficient; To present the most promising investment market, Simplify the complex, safe and fast

VNSMART's vision

Vietnam, The United States, Hong Kong - the best market choice; Change the industry with technology, make every deal Transparent, simple and efficient.
  • 24H customer service

    7*24H customer service
    Uninterrupted intimate service
  • Uninterrupted intimate service

    Quickly to open an account
    No need to go abroad, one-stop open over the stock \ U.S. stock \ Hong Kong stock accounts
  • Diversity of assets

    Support Vietnam stock, US stock, ETF,Hong Kong stock, CFD, intraday finance, Vietnam bond
  • Option strategy

    Free access to differentiated
    trading strategy signals, accurate market analysis.
  • safe

    The safety of capital assets is subject to regular scrutiny by regulators, as well as internal and external audits
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Risk Note: Nothing on the VNSMART website (www.vnsmart.com) should be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell securities, futures or other investment products. All historical data and content are for investors' reference only and should not be regarded as a basis for judging future trends. Before conducting investment activities, investors should fully understand relevant financial products, clearly understand their potential risks, and make rational decisions based on their own risk tolerance or the advice of professional investment advisers.

VNSMART investment provides the most perfect trading system, the best quantitative program trading tool and signal tool, because the response of the trading system and the execution speed of orders are affected by trading volume, market state, system performance and other factors, the final transaction results and investment expectations may be different. Investors should be aware before investing that all investments are at risk and that there is a risk of losses exceeding the original principal due to market fluctuations. Investment activities may not be suitable for every investor. See risk warning and disclaimer for details. If you need advice, please ask online customer service for help.

Stock trading CFDS and Day trading complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 78% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading Stock CFDs and Day trading complex with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how Stock trading CFDs and Day trading complexwork and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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